Luis Git Log

Kanban Board

To Do

Expose a way to view task notes in the context menu
Add animation when a task moves to a new status
Add a new table for personal logs vs dev tasks
Dev Post Migration: Save posts to DB
Need to set up cyprus testing
ReverseSend needs socials updated or icons removed
Create a delete user from group method in the gift exchange app
Gift Exchange Enhancement: Allow users to see previous years/groups
Gift Exchange Enhancement: Allow one user to enter multiple groups
Gift Exchange Enhancement: Have a year over year feature
Link all beta sign up sheets to the email list DB with a column for what they are looking for
InstaMeGPT needs integration
update gift exchange site so view and edit are only clickable if a cookie exists (user logged in)
photospots needs image optimization
Update DevLog timeline page to show created and completed
Migrate my photoSpots mobile app to the latest version of React Native
Add unit tests to my project
Idea: Video Series - "How to write plain code" - short video tutorials using no frameworks or libraries

In Progress

Dev Post Migration: Easy way to write and edit posts - either library or write an editor
Get my blog posts into a database or more portable format.


Fix encoding issue with TOD card content
Make sure that new entries escape special characters like double quotes proper"ly - this will be "testing" a bunch of 'different' quotes.
Make a kanban style view where tasks can be dragged and dropped
Be able to close a task with internal comments
Enhance the TODO List to put items into "In Progress" status
Dev Post Migration: Add custom font
ToD has a bug with "play all" where after the first card it takes the user back to home.
build web socket php app
Call Delta about tickets
test Text based new task to confirm it's working 👍🏽
Update Cron job so it sends at 9pm every day instead of midnight
Improve styling on buttons for home page
Figure out Volaris flight stuff
Add Styling to mailList
Write a new blog post by the end of the week
set up ability to close a task via sms
Set up ability to ask for a list of open tasks via sms
Set up ability to create new tasks via sms
Need to implement a check to avoid double submits
Need to use my Delta flight credit
Add a confirmation alert after the form is submitted that the task was created successfully. Maybe respond with the task id
Create a cron job that runs a script to log open tasks
Add metadata to the page, specifically for a preview thumbnail on links
fix bug on mobile to do list where all tasks are showing complete
Create a stats page to track total completes, average time to complete, and pending items.
Testing the admin role of the author functionality
Testing the new Author functionality
Add sort functionality to the task list
Update light/dark switch on home page to use svg toggle component
Add Reminder functionality with email and SMS for open To Do items
Learn Composure by August Burns Red on guitar
Bundle this project up for Open Source and write up a how to guide
Improve the UI for creating a log to include a dropdown for who is creating the log, this could be useful for teams who want to share a log
Improve the current radio button styling to be toggle switches
This is a task item
Test to make sure the Log is working
New TODO item
Going to update this log page to enable a todo list
Add Notes to Task
Change Color to Red
Change Color to Blue
Change Color to Green
Remove Color
Move to TO DO
Move to DONE
Cancel Task
Delete Task