My Name is Luis Juarez and I'm a Full Stack Software Developer.

I'm also a writer, musician, and creator.

You may be wondering why my website doesn't have all sorts of animations and fancy design. Great question! I end up rewriting my site fairly often, and this time I wanted to keep it simple and fast. Which means no fancy CSS framework. Just a small css file. That way I have more time to spend working on new projects such as the ones you see below :)

picture of Luis


gift exchange

Gift Exchange For Friends!

Web Application for coordinating a gift exchange


Reverse Send

We make it easy to return products!


Truth Or Drink Game

Another Card Game



Web App for having an LLM generate captions and hashtags for you


AI Closet Design

Web App for having an LLM generate closet design for you based on a picture of your current closet

photospot logo


Mobile App for finding cool places to take pictures

eating together


iOS App for deciding what to eat with friends

ordering groceries

Grumbl Order

iOS App written in SwiftUI for ordering food

tracker screenshot

Productivity Tracker

A new spin on the classic to do list, includes a timer that can track how fast you resolve to do items!

invoice screenshot

CSV Generator

Open Sourced project for generating CSV files using an HTML table and input form

card game screenshot

Card Game V1

Game written using PHP, deprecated now that Truth Or Drink is running, see above.

video draw

Video Hour

Play your YouTube playlist at 1 minute intervals

java artist

Java Drawing

MS Paint but make it Java - Open Source!


Weather for Android

A weather app for Android - Open Source!



Under Construction - the idea is to have this bot alert you when an item is in-stock based on SKU


Android Spanish To English Dictionary

Android application written in Java that provides a Spanish to English dictionary. When a Spanish word is tapped, a Toaster will show the translation - Open Source!

zoning logo


REST API for zoning/permits

twittergate screenshot

TwitterGate - Decommissioned due to the new Twitter API changes

Make your Twitter Bio dynamic with this web tool!

Warning - this application is still under construction, use at your own risk


I've moved my blog posts to Dev.To, you can check them out on this page

Skills and Technical Tools by Example

Click the links to see a project I've built using that particular technology


I really like writing Java, I've used it to write command line tools, desktop applications, games, and android apps


The language powering almost everything these days. I created an interactive tool that generates CSV files based on a table.


Fun fact, this website was built using PHP. I've also created a Web App Game, great for parties!


The hottest JS framework around, and for good reason. My last portfolio website was written in React.


One of my favorite open source projects that I contribute to. It's a new React Framework that really shines with routing, SSR, and not abstracting away native Web APIs. With it I was able to spin up a full stack app in a few hours for a hackathon. Demo app here


I'm building a food finding iOS app called Grumbl, open source and in public. I'm working on a companion app called Grumbl Order which is written in SwiftUI.

React Native

I'm currently building PhotoSpots with React Native, open source and in public.


Great for low level programming. I built my first game with C++, a playable version of the Fox, Farmer, Chicken riddle.


I've worked with both relational databases (MySQL) and NoSQL databases (MongoDB) for the backend of my projects. Recently I've been using CockroachDB as a distributed database based on postgres.

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